Files for Adobe Button Templates:

1.00 inch   round

Button Template


(1)Click on the image and choose the option to SAVE as an Adobe Fireworks png file.The file

will be saved to your “downloads” under your profile NAME.  You can then either copy the image into your Adobe Photoshop program

Or go open Adobe and the open the file from Downloads into Adobe.

(2)  Once you have the image open in Adobe  &change the size to 1.25 inches both (W) and (H).  Next change the resolution to 300.

(3) Open your picture file you want to use into Adobe.  Copy that image and place over the circle.

Look for “ARRANGE” on the menu send your picture to the back behind the circle.Next take the eraser from the “TOOLS” menu and trim around the circle.  Note you want to have your main image and lettering within the blue dotted circle lines.

(4) The next part is tricky.  Once you trim your not save the file.  Take the box tool (first lefthand tool...draw a box Frame around it, then hit “Copy”...then go to “NEW” under the File menu and open up a new page then PASTE the image you copied (the trimmed file)  You can now save the file as a “BUTTON TEMPLATE..


You may need Background to be filled in and if you need help with that...send your image like you have attached to an

Email.  It might help you to look at the Example on the Buttons Page “Make Your Whole Picture the Button”